The Network: 2018 and beyond

CRM Network UK looks a lot different to how it did a few months ago.  We have gone through a process of formalisation and have done the following;

  • Created and agreed the network Terms of Reference
  • Implemented official membership
  • Elected the first network officers

We are currently a network of 115 members representing 59 institutions within the United Kingdom.  We are growing and hope to continue this growth.

The network membership is a diverse range of university staff involved in CRM. It includes marketing, admissions, recruitment, technical, alumni and project management staff.  A diverse range of experience and skills which will benefit all members.

Following on from the elections we now have the following officers in post until the next elections due in December 2019.

  • Chair: Graham Hackney, CRM Manager, University of Bath
  • Vice Chair: Rupert Frankum, Technical Project Manager, University of Plymouth
  • Administration Officer: Kate Jackson, CRM Manager, Nottingham Trent University
  • Communications Officer: Andy Ball, CRM Manager, University of Westminster

We will be working to enhance the opportunities available to membership, and will seek advice from the membership to achieve this.

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