Official Membership

There have been recent conversations about the network and we are working through a Terms of Reference document which we will share in due course.

One of the questions we asked ourselves was ‘how do we define network membership’?

At the moment we have mostly been assuming that anyone who is part of the email group will count as members, but this was never explicit and there were people not on this email circulation, but still working in CRM, who attended the conference – which was totally fine of course!

Anyway, we have decided to formalise network membership, and as a result there are some parameters, which have been established already for the most part, which are attached to this.

  • The network will remain free for all members.
  • Membership is at an individual level, not institutional.
  • It will be for ALL staff involved in CRM (marketing, admissions, technical, project management, recruitment, alumni, B2B, etc…)
  • It will be limited to those who are currently working for a Higher Education Institution in the UK (for now, we may review expanding this cohort) or someone who is currently on a career break from an institution with an option to return.

I think that’s it for now.  We’re trying to make things as easy and transparent as possible.

This email address will remain open for communications, but from the moment I send this email, being in this email group ‘officially’ doesn’t make you a part of the network.

To formalise your position on the network please complete this short form.

If you work in CRM within a University located outside the UK, please don’t hesitate to contact Richard Harrison at to explore collaboration.


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